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About JS

JS as J Srinivasan is commonly called is a Mechanical Engineer (1970) from Madras University(link is external) and an MBA from Indian Institute of Management at Ahmedabad(link is external) (1972).
After completing his education, JS worked for 40 years in industry in India and abroad.
Specialising in marketing and finance, JS turned entrepreneur after working for six years with large MNCs. During his days of entrepreneurship, JS was involved in many industries, including Auto Ancillaries, Portfolio Management, Wellness & Nutrition and Management Consulting, Executive Coaching & Mentoring.
After retiring from all commercial commitments, JS reverted to social and civic work that he had started with Janaagraha(link is external) when it was first formed, playing a leading role in generating the ground force of volunteers that enabled their first project of Ward Works. Focus being on just one objective: Participatory Governance.
JS is passionate about bringing participatory democracy(link is external) and politics to India, much like is practised in the Swiss Cantons(link is external) or Porto Alegre in Brazil(link is external). Having cut his teeth in Janaagraha(link is external) in this field in 2001, he was immediately and passionately attracted to the Corruption Saaku movement in Bangalore which later morphed into the India Against Corruption movement when they came about. 
It was after a wait that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) came about to form party units all over India - when they got an unexpected mandate in the Delhi Elections of 2013. JS took on forming the Koramangala Ward Unit of AAP Karnataka and was instrumental in building the ward unit and the election campaign in the general elections in April-May 2014.
JS has travelled widely. Some of the places can be found on his TripAdvisorTravelMap(link is external). He is an avid blogger(link is external) and frequents social media. His FaceBook(link is external) page can be found here and his twitter(link is external) page here. He also blogs in many other portals.