The Bigg Boss lesson

80% of my TV watching is news. I never watch soaps, especially the Bahu variety. But I do watch the Bigg Boss show every day! And I do so because of my interest in ontology – the study of the being of human beings. This show (like Big Brother, et al) is a concentrated dose of pressure cooked human behaviour. Not always ‘palatable’ but always interesting from a ‘study of human behaviour’ standpoint.

On Friday, I learnt a new axion, from Ashutosh of all people: “Flattery is the strength of the weak and the weakness of the strong”. WOW! Think about that. How well it fits with people you know, starting with yourself. Where in that spectrum do you stand? I stand at the right (?!) end; I almost never use flattery and always fall for it. Phew. You may think I’m crazy, but so many things fell into place for me, I cant begin to describe it! And a huge relief to know me a bit better.

Never thought I’d say this after a reality show. That’s life. Never say never.

About this blog:
Life is a journey. I’m hoping to share glimpses of mine as I go along that I think may interest you. Feel free to post your comments, that way all of us can enjoy your journey too!

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