It is Modi Vs Modi in 2024

This General Election is basically Modi Vs Modi.
The rest are inconsequential.

Narendra Modi
Modi “A”


Modi-Shah BJP
Modi “B”






To separate the two faces of Modi, let’s say Modi-A (or ‘A’) and Modi-B (or just ‘B’).

Modi-A is the ascendent face. A is the one who builds on all fronts. Be it foreign affairs or on the ground back home in India. The list of delivered projects and schemes is stunningly long and shiny. For those who don’t follow the facts, here are two links that’ll summarize it for a fast read. (1) and (2)

Modi-B is the one in sheep skin. B is the one who will test the limits of malleability of every Institution and every rule in the Rule Book. Break them and shamelessly watch what the Supreme Court has to say, while pursuing power at any and all costs. There’s no need to list examples as they’ve been covered not-so-widely by (a restricted) media.

The rest of the clowns in politics are inconsequential on intrinsic public value basis. They are the bin into which voters who think ‘B’ is a danger to India’s democracy will cast their votes. Not because these also-rans will make for a better India but because they are the lesser of the evil when compared to ‘B’.

The voters of ‘A’ think that the “cost of ‘progress’ is ‘B’ and overlook its potential devastating long term impact. Like the Congress enabled financial & moral corruption to seep deep into the Indian at all levels, not just in the rotten administration but in public spaces too; so too will ‘B’ enable the final destruction of all Institutions when ‘B’ is done with its work.

That is the choice before the Indian Voter in the General Election 2024.

Further, decoding the publicly acclaimed slogan that Modi, for the first time ever, has pouted: BJP=370+, NDA=400+, has ominous implcations. Here’s why.

Modi has had absolutely no hinderaance in governing with BJP’s 303 seats. So why would he want 370+?

Simple. A BJP two thirds own majority can change the constitution at will. And he’s said so via a now suspended & dropped MP Ananth Hegde. Why else would he need a 2/3rds majority? “B” is now in open race to replace the Constitution.

Many people actually want a more modern and vibrant constituion. There have been baying for this change, for some time now. But what shape & form such a change will take is a moot point. No prices for guessing what is in store, with “B” in charge!




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